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My name is Ivan, I am a composer and a sound designer.


I help people and companies to create the sound of a product. I write music, create sound effects, implement sound in the games and do a sound editing.


Customers contact me when they need to come up with the sound of a product, or when they already have a music or sound effects and want to get an additional content that fits the project perfectly. I can make a buzz of a bee funny or threatening with a sound, or make a hero brave or clumsy with a music.


I design an interactive music systems for games. This systems make the music adapt to a gameplay and help a player to play better. For the «Will It Ever End?» interactive story I wrote the score, that responds to player’s actions and changes as the story goes. For the game in the Kazan city park (Russia) I designed the music system, that helps a player to solve a puzzle. I design this systems using FMOD and Wwise.


I do mixing and mastering. I know the difference between dynamic ranges of trailers, commercials, movies and games. Also I can create sound for virtual and augmented reality.

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